S1000 Stand Alone Pressure Sensitive Labelers

Our S1000 Stand Alone Pressure Sensitive Labelers were developed for those customers who want all the durability of our Series 3 Premier labelers, but are doing more straight-forward simple products.

The Tronics stand alone pressure sensitive labeler is ideal for simple flat panel and promotional spot labeling applications. In addition, if changeover is not frequent and you will be running the same or very similar products all day long, then this may be the best fit for your organization.

Although economical, the Tronics Stand Alone is NOT your typical "Cheap Head-On-A-Stick" pressure sensitive labeler. In fact, this extruded aluminum frame supports Tronics standard Series 3 Premier label head rated at 1,200 inches per minute. This means that the Stand Alone can be upgraded into a Series 3 at a later date.


Benefits of Tronics Pressure Sensitive Labelers

Specifications for Stand Alone Labelers

Field Ready Upgrade and Modularity

Field Upgrade Ready – How is it Possible?


Specifications for Stand Alone Labelers

Electrical: 110v; 1 phase; 20 amps

Air: None [Some special upgrades require air, standard configuration does not]

Gross Weight: approximately 1,200lbs

Accuracy: Placement up to + or – a 32nd of an inch [Subject to testing of samples]

* Maximum Label Height: 8.5”H [For wrap applications it is 5.5”H x 12.5”L]

Maximum Speed: 1,200 inches of label per minute


Side Application Footprint (Side view and top view)


Top Side Application


* Maximum Label Height: Tronics offers Label Heads & Wrap Modules that accommodate labels greater than 8.5”H x 12.5”L labels.

** Maximum Speed: High SpeedUpgrade available, 2,400” of label per min., 1,200” per min. on wraparound.

Field Upgrade Ready and Modularity

Pressure Sensitive Stand Alone Labelers

You can start off with one of Tronics' S1000 "Stand Alone" Labelers for labeling flat panel applications and promotional spot labeling. Because it utilizes the same "Series 3" Label Head utilized on the Series 3 Premier Labeler, it can be added in the future to a Series 3 base without a label head.

After mounting the label head from your Stand Alone Labeler, you can then have a synchronized Series 3 Wrap Around Labeler with a touch panel screen & 100 job memory.
Series 3 with Wrap

Series 3 with 2 label heads configured to run ovals

Series 3 Wrap around labelers can then have a 2nd label head, aligning chain module, & top hold down module added to run front and back oval bottles.

Field Upgrade Ready – How is it Possible?

Tronics labelers already come pre-wired with military male/female quick connectors. In addition, the equipment is also pre-drilled and tapped for all of the standard modules such as Wrap modules and a 2nd label head.

Tronics labelers do not use a PLC and therefore do not require any proprietary software to be downloaded. Instead, ALL of the software that you would ever need to run Tronics standard modules are simply burned onto a small chip located inside the control panel.

Finally, once the equipment modules are bolted on and the connectors are plugged in, simply flip the appropriate dipswitch for that module from the off to the on position, the upgrade is complete. [Dipswitch is located inside control panel and the owner’s manual clearly illustrates which switch to flip on].

Tronics customers have found that our pressure sensitive labelers provide the best solution at the best value found on the market today. Whether your application is unique or not, give us an opportunity to quote your needs today!


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