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Tronics Series 3 Pressure Sensitive Labeling Systems

The Series 3 Premier pressure sensitive labeling machine is Tronics’ flagship decorating equipment. Having evolved over two decades, it is by far the best value on the market today when it comes to in-line pressure sensitive labeling machines.

Series 3 Premier Labelers come in standard, medium, and high speed configurations. They can apply front, back, wrap around, top, and bottom labels and have a proven track record across all of the major packaging industries.


Series 3 Premier Pressure Sensitive Labeling Systems

Series 3 Front, Back, Wrap Around Labeling Machines

Series 3 Wrap Around Labeler

Series 3 Top and Bottom Labelers

Series 3 Wine Labeler

S3O Series 3 "Open" Frame Labeler

Benefits of Tronics Label Application Equipment

Product Flexibility
Label Flexibility
Quick Product and Label Changeover
Touch Panel Machinery Changeover
Series 3 Labeling Machinery Specifications
Field Upgrade Ready and Modularity
Field Upgrade Ready – How is it Possible?

Product Flexibility

Examples of different shaped containers
that the Series 3 Labeling Machines can run
The Series 3 Labeling Equipment can label a 10-gallon part 17.5"H X 12"dia. (shown in the insert below left inside the blue box) down to a very small 5 ml medical vial blown up and shown here next to a Quarter.

Series 3 labeling systems come standard with a 7.5"W x 10'L heavy duty conveyor and label heads that will accommodate up to a 9"W label web. (Upgrade kits for taller labels are available). These standard features enable the Series 3 to run a very broad range of product sizes and shapes.

Product Size: 5ml vial up to a 10 gallon pail.

Product Shape:
Round, flat-sided, oval/contoured, and other unique and unstable products such as syringes, narrow cylindrical tubes, caps etc...

Product Material:
Plastics, metals, glass, rubber, wood, ceramic and paper products etc...

Pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage, personal care, dairy, water, nutriceuticals, blow/injection molding, contract packaging, plus.

Label Flexibility

Label Size: min. .1/2"h x 1/2"L  max. 10"h x 39"L

Label Application: Front, back, top, bottom, wrap around up to +100%, booklet, crescent shaped (for tapered rounds)1 label on 2, 3, or 4 panels, corner wraps, 2 adjacent sides, spot, RFID, tamper evident, neck, and 1, 2, or 3 labels orientated on a round product, etc...

Integrated Options: Thermal print engines for print and apply and UPC bar coding, hot stamp coders, ink jet, and laser coders.

Label Material: Standard Pressure Sensitive paper (opaque), clear, Mylar, and foil labels.

Industries: Pharmaceutical, chemical, food, beverage, personal care, dairy, water, nutriceuticals, blow/injection molding, contract packaging, to name a few.

Quick Product and Label Changeover

Tronics Series 3 label equipment is extremely user friendly and quick to set up physically when changing products and labels.

The conveyor rails as well as modules such as; the label head(s), wrap around belt, backing pad for wrap, overhead product hold down, and product aligning chains, all have tool - less adjustments and quick reference rulers beveled right on the shafts.
The tool-less adjustment not only speed up changeover but the gradient ruled shafts help to assist the operator in setting up the labeler physically by giving them a reference point.

The beveled shafts prevent the rules from wearing off and they are far more cost effective to use over the lifetime of the machine than the digital detent indicators which are an expensive wear item.

Label head

Label head vertical adjustment

Label head horizontal adjustment

Label head pitch & roll adjustment
Tronics Aligning Chain Module Tronics Wrap Module

Touch Panel Machinery Changeover

The feature that Tronics’ customers like the most about the Series 3 labeling machine is its simplicity when it comes to its electronics, especially its Touch Panel controls.
At first glance, it may not be as colorful as today's popular and  expensive, menu based, LCD displays, however, this rugged simple to use system has many unique advantages.

On the fly adjustments:  Series 3 label equipment adjustments can be made on the fly on any label head or module without stopping the machine. In addition, unlike PLC ladder logic based LCD interfaces, the operator does not have to dive down thru all of those annoying menu screens and press "Enter" to simply make 1 minor adjustment.
Fully functional: This Touch Panel allows the labeling equipment operator to increase the overall machine speed and everything ramps up and down accordingly or the operator can change settings individually such as; slowing down the label head so it dispenses the label slower than the product is traveling down the conveyor allowing the label to stretch across a contoured surface, ideal for clear labels. This feature helps to eliminate bubbles when applying.

100 Job Memory: The operator can recall up to 100 previously stored jobs to expedite set up during changeover from different bottle and label sizes.

Rugged: Tronics customers that operate in a chemical and/or industrial environment prefer the sealed durable interface over that of the more delicate and expensive LCD interfaces.

Pre - loaded software: While the Series 3 can communicate upstream or downstream with any of today's popular PLC's such as Allen Bradley or Omron, it does not rely on a PLC to control its internal operations. Instead an extremely durable and very fast chip contains ALL of the software for every possible upgrade and option that one can get with the Series 3. Because this software is pre-loaded on a chip, this makes field upgrades a snap because all that is needed to activate the software is to flip a "dipswitch" from the "off" to the "on" position inside the touch panel. No downloading proprietary software from a laptop required.

Miscellaneous features - Batch counting with integrated signal, real time "products per minute display" , total products labeled, additional inputs and outputs for missing label or low label, and integration with other PLC's on other equipment etc...

Series 3 Labeling Machinery Specifications

Electrical: 110v; 1 phase; 20 amps (Or 220v single phase per request, no charge)

Air: None [Some special upgrades require air, standard configuration does not]

Gross Weight: approximately 1,200lbs

Accuracy: Placement up to + or –a 32nd of an inch [Subject to testing of samples]

* Maximum Label Height: 8.5”H [For wrap applications it is 5.5”H x 12.5”L]

** Maximum Speed: 1,200 inches of label per minute - per label head [When wrapping, speed is 600”per min.]

Product travels from Left to Right

* Maximum Label Height: Tronics offers Label Heads & Wrap Modules that accommodate labels greater than 8.5”H x 12.5”L labels.

** Maximum Speed: High Speed Upgrade available, 2,400”of label per min., 1,200”per min. on wrap around.

Field Upgrade Ready and Modularity

Stand Alone Labelers

You can start off with one of Tronics S1000 "Stand Alone" Labelers for labeling wrap around applications, flat panel applications, & promotional spot labeling. Because it utilizes the same "Series 3" Label Head used on the Series 3 Premier Labeler, it can be added in the future to a Series 3 base without a label head.

After mounting the label head from your Stand Alone labeler, you can then have a synchronized Series 3 Wrap Around Labeler with a touch panel screen & 100 job memory.
Series 3 with Wrap

Series 3 with 2 label heads configured to run ovals

Series 3 Wrap around labelers can then have a 2nd label head, aligning chain module, & top hold down module added to run front and back oval bottles.

Field Upgrade Ready – How is it Possible?

Tronics labelers already come pre-wired with military male/female quick connectors. In addition, the systems are also pre-drilled and tapped for all of the standard modules such as wrap modules and a 2nd label head.

Tronics labelers do not use a PLC and therefore do not require any proprietary software to be downloaded. Instead, ALL of the software that you would ever need to run Tronics standard modules are simply burned onto a small chip located inside the control panel.

Finally, once the modules are bolted on and the connectors are plugged in, simply flip the appropriate dipswitch for that module from the off to the on position to activate the software, the upgrade is complete. [Dipswitch is located inside control panel and the owner’s manual clearly illustrates which switch to flip on].

Tronics customers have found that our labeling machines provide the best solution at the best value found on the market today. Whether your label application is unique or not, give us an opportunity to quote your needs today!


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